Olly’s World of Indie: Comics Unbound – The Reel Love Campaign

Following the footsteps of Ram V’s Grafity’s Wall, another indie creator, Owen Micheal Johnson (Beast Wagon) has set his sights on unbound.com for his next venture in self-publishing with a proposed new collection of his debut graphic novel from a few years ago now, Reel Love. Semi autobiographical, this is the story of.. well, I’ll let Owen tell you:

“a young boy returns to see a movie which will ignite his imagination, fill his head with fantasy, and change the course of his life. Now convinced it is his destiny to pursue his dream of becoming a famous film director, he ropes a street-smart classmate into producing their first stop-motion animation during the school holidays.”

This is a very personal tale, told in three chapters, and set in Cumbria, where Owen grew up; a love letter of sorts to both his childhood and, in particular, the hometown cinema that awakened his passion and creativity.

As with such crowdfunding endeavours, the bigger the pledge the greater the reward. For a tenner, you’ll get a shoutout in the back of the book and a digital copy of the collection while for a heftier contribution of £65 you’ll get a personalised dedicated first edition hardback, ebook edition, your name in the back of the book and an A4 commission featuring the film of your choice. For £300, you can receive a page of the original artwork, presented in a branded film tin, personalised dedicated first edition hardback, ebook edition and your name in the back of the book.

There are more pledges on offer, so if it does take your fancy, do go have a look at the campaign page here where you’ll get more information on the campaign and the comic book.