News: WWE Comics debut this December with exclusive variant covers featuring CM Punk, John Cena and the Undertaker!

We’ve explored the links between comic books and pro-wrestling on the site before with our interviews with artist Jill Thompson and wrestler Christopher Daniels, but that line is about to get blurred even further with a new line of WWE comics from Papercutz, written by WWE Hall of Famer Mick ‘Mankind’ Foley!

WWE's Undertaker Incentive Cover by Miran Kim
WWE’s Undertaker Incentive Cover by Miran Kim

WWE’s comic book, will be published by Papercutz in the US and Australia only and will have its first issue published on December 11th which be available digitally in those regions. The first issue will feature 4 alternate covers, featuring WWE superstars John Cena, CM Punk, Mark Henry and Triple H appearing in artwork that are homages to classic Marvel issues. They also feature lettering from legendary Marvel letterer Tom Orzechowski to give the books that extra level of credibility.

Here is the official promo synopsis for the new series, which is being written by WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley…

“WWE© Hall of Famer Mick Foley™ brings us an all-new adventure straight from the world of WWE’s powerful, ongoing clashes. It all starts with a fierce battle between WWE Champion John Cena and Mark Henry, but quickly turns into all-out chaos! Soon virtually every WWE Superstar faces off in a no-holds-barred Brawl to End it All – but what has caused the wrestlers to virtually go berserk? Can Vickie Guerrero and Booker T manage such chaos, or will Mr. McMahon have to step in? Featuring CM Punk, Fandango, Sheamus and more!” 

And here are the alternate covers for the debut issue for you to enjoy…