News: Critically acclaimed digital comic The Bunker to be released in print this February from Oni Press

A clear sign that digital is slowly but surely taking over the world of comics is when digital first comics announce they are going into print – and not the other way round. The latest title to join that ever growing list of digital-first to print-second titles is Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurari’s bleak sci-fi tale The Bunker which has now found a home with the fine folks at Oni Press and will be available as a collected edition this February.

The Bunker 1 Oni Press
Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari’s bleak science fiction digital comic The Bunker is set to be released in print by Oni Press this February

Here’s what the guys at Oni had to say in their press release…

“One thing caused the end of the world. You.” So reads the first letter extracted from The Bunker. A group of friends on the verge of starting their adult lives get a shocking glimpse of what they may cause.   This is the gripping question posed in the critically-acclaimed, smash hit digital series The Bunker.

Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari’s creator-owned series burned up the ComiXology charts as one of the most successful titles of their fledgling Submit program earlier this year. Pairing an epic sci-fi scope with the grounding of a tight, personal drama, The Bunker offered fans a fresh, new perspective and an instantly engrossing plot from two comics veterans.

Now Oni Press is thrilled to announce that their pioneering work will see a new release in print beginning in February of 2014.

“This book has been a passion project for Joe and I from the start, and we took the decision of a publishing partner extremely seriously,” says writer Joshua Hale Fialkov, best known for his Eisner-nominated graphic novel Tumor as well as work on The Ultimates, and I, Vampire. “We had such a great experience doing it on our own, with ComiXology’s support, that we wanted to continue that journey. In Oni Press, we’ve found a group of the hardest working folk in comics, who want our vision delivered to as big an audience as possible. We could not be happier.”

The Bunker #1 will collect the first five chapters of Fialkov and Infurnari’s digital series, reformatted and remastered for a traditional comic book size and clocking in at 48 pages for £2.99/$3.99.

After this perfect introductory issue, The Bunker’s twisting, mysterious tale will continue on as an ongoing series. In addition to portions of the existing pages being updated and redrawn to share new secrets of the Bunker, Infurnari is also enhancing the color palette to the previously single toned pages.

“The Bunker is the kind of smart, character-driven genre fiction we love,” said Oni Press’ Editor in Chief James Lucas Jones. “From the moment our Publisher Joe Nozemack read the first issue, he knew it was something we needed to publish. We’re excited to be embarking on the next phase of The Bunker with Josh & Joe and can’t wait for readers in both the print and digital markets to see what they have planned.”

For more information on The Bunker be sure to read our exclusive interview with Joshua Hale Fialkov where he discussed the story behind this fantastic series and the advantages of working outside of the mainstream!