News: Sequential offer Terry Wiley’s Verity Fair for the bargain price of 69p/99¢

Sequential – the literary graphic novel iPad app, is having a special promotion on Graphic Novels from Britain, as part of which they’re reducing the price of acclaimed graphic novel VerityFair by Terry Wiley from $9.99 to just 99 cents (69p!) until the end of September.

Verity Fair part 1 cover
Terry Wiley’s acclaimed Verity Fair is now available for the bargain price of 69p/99¢ via the free to download Sequential app

The 156-page VerityFair graphic novel is presented in Sequential‘s deluxe digital graphic novel format and includes one of the best audio commentaries you’ll hear, as well as a revealing interview, production sketches, extra strips and more.

When we reviewed Verity Fair back in March here at Pipedream Comics we called it A delightfully charming and quintessentially British story that reminds you how great comics can be” but we weren’t the only ones to love it. Rich Johnston of Bleeding Cool called Terry “a true comic book genius” and Q Magazine called VerityFair “An exhilarating comedy-drama… One of the best of today’s comedies in any medium.”.  

VerityFair is a quintessentially British graphic novel — try it, and if you like it, you’ll know you’re an anglophile, at least where comics are concerned!

As well as VerityFair and work by  British greats Alan Moore, Brian Bolland, Bryan Talbot, Eddie Campbell and Hunt Emerson, Sequential features free indie comics, such as Britain’s Off Life, and work by British talents Robert M. Ball, Darryl Cunningham, Dan Berry, Marc Ellerby, Adam Cadwell, John Riordan, Corban Wilkin, Sally Jane Thompson and Oliver East.

British publishers on Sequential include: Blank Slate, Myriad Editions, Jonathan Cape, Knockabout and Great Beast.

British comics is undergoing an exciting renaissance and Sequential is the place for a US and international audience to see what all the fuss is about. Whilst doing so, don’t forget to check out the brilliant “Days of the Bagnold Summer” nominated for one of the UK’s most important literary prizes this year – the Costa Literary Awards.

Download Sequential for iPad – for  free – here today