News: Comixology release Stephan Franck’s Silver #2 in time for Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, Dark Planet Comics has announced the ComiXology release of Stephan Franck’s Silver #2, the acclaimed 12-issue horror/heist mini-series from the writer/director/comic book creator.

Silver 02 cover
Stephan Franck’s Silver #2 from Dark Planet Comics is now available from ComiXology

Stephan Franck’s Silver #2, which extends the original Bram Stoker universe 50 years hence into the pulp era of the 1930’s, has been embraced by comics fans, pulp fans and die-hard Dracula fans alike… “My favorite fan letter in Silver #2 comes from the Count Dracula Fan Club,” says Franck, “and yes it is a real one, and yes, there is such a thing as a Count Dracula Fan Club–which is either awesome or terrifying.”

Introducing pulp-era master-thief James Finnigan, Silver #1 was released in May 2013 to rave reviews. Ain’t It Cool News wrote “Franck knows his customers, what they expect, and he gives it to them in spades.” Studio System News named Silver in its article: “Comic-Con and Trickster 2013: Top Picks For Movies and TV” while Pipedream Comics described it as “magnificently monochrome…Stephan and Dark Planet are looking to take on the big boys at their own game with this 1930s infused horror/pulp adventure.

In Silver #2, the paradigm shift continues for Finn, as he seeks out Rosalynd “Sledge” Van Helsing, who he hopes might help him authenticate Jonathan Harker’s ledger. As it turns out, Rosalynd carries on her grandfather’s handy work, and could very well be too much woman for Finn to handle. “We basically spent the first issue showing-off Finn’s nerves of steel, and establishing that he’s a master manipulator,” Franck says. “In Silver #2, It’s a lot of fun watching him lose control of his reality–not to mention having to deal with a woman who’s even more of a rebel than he is.”

With Silver, Franck brings the combination of light tone and character depth that has made him first-call in the animation industry. “Silver is about misfits;” Franck says, “people whose soul is broken, each in their own way. Some of them use irony as a coping mechanism. Others…well, they’ll just drink your blood.”

Silver #2 also includes an exclusive extract of the interview we did with Stephan back in May. To read the whole thing just click here!