New indie comics hub ComixCentral officially launches

Back in August we spoke to Leigh Jaffrey, about her new venture ComixCentral which was designed to be an indie comics hub designed to bring all the disparate elements of the indie world in to one happy family. Well after months of beta testing and public forums ComixCentral has finally gone live we hear from Leigh to find out more about the launch!

Created as a solution for the lack of comic are communities indie comic book artists Leigh set out to break the mould by putting together a Kickstarter campaign to create seed capital for what is now ComixCentral: The Hub For Indie Comics.

“I really couldn’t see something as ambitious as the project we were undertaking working on a non-comic specific website,” said Jeffery. “The only comic-oriented communities out there now only support pre-established artists and creators. There is nothing for the ‘little guy.’ I decided it was time to give them the outlet that literally every other artistic style has.”

Servicing indie artists in every comic genre imaginable, ComixCentral is not only a marketplace, where indie creators can buy and sell their work, it’s also a thriving learning community, where newer artists can hone their skills and learn from more experienced creators in illustration, writing, coloring, lettering – anything to do with the creation of comics. They have also created an innovative Projects feature, where fans can connect with creators on a more personal level and take part in projects that are under development, and creators can share their work for feedback and test before publishing. There is even a job board, where dedicated artists can find collaborators to join in on new projects.

“If you’re an illustrator but can’t really write – now you can track down writers and interview them for your project, and vice versa,” says Jeffery. “It creates the opening for anyone who wants to stretch their legs and run on the perfect project but were just missing that critical piece.”

In terms of the marketplace, creators can apply to set up their own ComixShop, complete with personal blog, a framework to launch their podcast, and a marketing machine that lets them test the waters in marketing their work, whether they’re experienced and earning regular income or just starting out. ComixCentral boasts an industry-leading 90% commission on creator-generated work, far outgunning the competing 40% and 50% of their competitors.

“ComixCentral is by Indie artists – FOR Indie artists,” says Jeffery. “No matter what we do, we put our indie community first. That means they get the biggest chunk of the pie when it comes to selling their own work.” Future plans for ComixShops include shipping original printed work, as well as print on demand comics.

The community is starting to catch steam. ComixCentral has caught the attention of several highly regarded illustrators and writers, and is attracting more each day. “The quality of the work is incredible”, says Steven Rosia, a co-founder of ComixCentral. “We are blown away every day we log in and see the most cutting-edge content being uploaded the night before. These artists are giving the big brands a run for their money.”

“Indie artists aren’t indie because they suck,” says Jamie Moran, fellow co-founder and longtime friend of Jeffery. “What we’re seeing here is a group of highly talented artists who just didn’t have the right tools or the right relationships to compete at a high level with companies like Marvel and DC. ComixCentral gives indie artists both.”

Comic book fans of every kind are invited to come check out what ComixCentral has to offer. “You don’t have to be a nerd to join us,” said Jeffery. “Just take 2 minutes, create your free account and see the quality of artwork being displayed here. You’ll see what we mean.”

ComixCentral launches to the public March 27, 2017 and Indie creators are invited to apply for one of their curated positions – a ComixShop or blog.