King Bone Press launch Kickstarter campaign for Bulletproof Chicken

Some say he is a force of nature. Others say is a reject of a hormone injected time gone by. The facts are, he’s the most unstoppable cop on the force. This high octane splatterfest will follow BPC and his partner as they battle the notorious Fuster Cluck gang. King Bone Press will bring you a 32 1/3 page one shot comic featuring a tale of the cock with a glock and they are looking for your help to fund it via Kickstarter launched today.

Bulletproof Chicken cover_webWho is on his team?
Art will be brought to you by Bobgar Ornelas (co-publisher and artist on b-one, Bandthology, Low Concept) and Mat Nixon (Bandthology, Low Concept). This team will provide you with the fun, energetic, anthropomorphic action you want. Please see our preview pages below.

Colors will be provided by David Halvorson (Deadhorse, Tales of Armstrong). Highlighting our awesome art is some amazing color work by Mr. Halvorson.

Script and letters by Jon Westhoff. Utilizing a great art team, we have set out to bring you a high action, brutal story with what we hope will be some unexpected turns for the reader.

What’s in the book?

The book will feature 29 1/3 pages of story with 3 great pin ups by Ray Wegner, Greg Golem and Bobgar Ornelas. The story has an action movie sense, but also follows a mystery that the police force has to investigate. The Fuster Clucks have run organized crime in the city for a long time, but now they are trying to change the rules. Bulletproof and his partner thought they established the cities boundaries with the Clucks years ago, but these kinds of deal always have a way of resurfacing.  Nothing will stop BP from teaching the Clucks who makes the rules. Nothing. It will be a full color(American standard size) comic and is a complete story.

So head over to Kickstarter now and back the book, before you end up six feet deep fried!