Kickstarter We Love: Brain Shoodles

This week’s Kickstarter of the Week comes courtesy of Emily Owen, whose zine Brain Shoodles is now looking for a very modest funding. It’s a great book looking at issues of metal health courtesy of Emily’s own experiences, but just don’t believe us, here is a quick outline from the creator herself… “Shoodles (a portmanteau of s**t doodles) was never meant to be a comic. It started as my way of trying to make sense of my thoughts and one day, while feeling unusually cavalier, I posted some on twitter. It took  quite a while to get the collection together, such is the nature of anxiety and depression, but here it is. My aim when compiling the zine was to make it accessible and relatable, and hopefully by sharing my experience someone out there reading it might feel less alone.” With not long left till it finishes, be sure to get involved here and support this fantastic book.