Kickstarter of the Week: Spiral

SpiralWe take a look at some of the best new crowd-funded comics out there with a weekly spotlight at some of the best campaigns on Kickstarter. We start with family crime saga Spiral from Magnus Aspli, Emerson Dimaya and Nic J Shaw.

“Do you like relentless Nordic noir? Street-level vigilantism? The Punisher? Daredevil? Legacies gone wrong? Gender clichés smashed?” Asks writer Magnus Aspli “Then our new 4-part mini-series SPIRAL is likely right up your lawless street.”

So what;s Spiral all about, we ask.. “Outside, within and around the law, two families spiral out of control in this London crime noir saga. While rough cop Olivia is denied her father’s vigilante mantle, Michael, son of a prominent gang leader, feels it’s time to step out of his father’s shadow. The world is a small place, and nothing can stop the coming havoc of violence and vigilantism…”

The Spiral team have already finished issue #1 and are looking for funding for it’s printing and to begin work on issue #2. There are also some fantastic rewards including posters, prints and t-shirts.

We’ve had a read of the first issue and it’s mix of classic crime action and masked vigilante-ism manages to create a fantastic mix of the grittiness of Dirty Harry or the French Connection, and the violent family politics of the Godfather to create a down and dirty crime comic that looks and feels like it has stepped straight out of a seedy 70s back alley.

You can find out more by watching their pledge video below…

For more info and to back their Kickstarter then click here
(and don’t worry about the funny made up currency, they are collecting their funds in Norwegian Kroner – there is a rough $ price next to each option!)