Kickstarter of the week: Morgan’s Organs

MorgansOrgansCover.pngThis week’s essential Kickstarter campaign Morgan’s Organs reads like an adult version of Disney’s Inside Out and sees the little people who live inside the body of uni student Morgan, attempting to deal with a barren run in his love life. Packed full of crude humour and plenty of bodily function gags, writer Daniel Brodie and artist Robert Jennex are looking to get funding for finishing and printing the first issue of this hilarious new indie comic.

“At first, Morgan’s Organs was just a funny idea to me”, Daniel explains. “It wasn’t until I started telling my friends about the idea and hearing their positive feedback that I became inspired to try writing it myself. A couple years and many revisions later, I’m focused on bringing my story to the world. Funding an indie comic series through Kickstarter seems like a great way to bypass many hurdles and to truly find out if there is a fan base for an outlandish concept like this.”

The creator and writer, Daniel Brodie, began working on his self-developed concept about 2 years ago from his home in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. After initially pursuing the idea as a television series, even connecting with producers at Amazon Studios and Nickelodeon, Daniel is now pursuing a new route – an indie comic book series. Daniel is partnering with artist, Robert Jennex of Nova Scotia, Canada, to complete the design of the first issue.

Although the idea isn’t anything new (think Inside Out or the Numbskulls in The Beano) the adult jokes and gross-out humour that Morgan’s Organs is packed with will have you laughing out loud from the opening pages as it goes to all those dark and sticky parts of the body that a Disney cartoon would never even go close to!
You can see their promo video below…

You can support Morgans Organs via Kickstarter here