Introducing a new Twitter event, #comictalk from writer Jamie Me

You mightavatar_2315a66724cd_512 have seen a new hashtag appear on Twitter this month called #comictalk. Well that’s brainchild of Queen creator Jamie Me who has started his own Twitter event every Sunday evening called #​ComicTalk to allow for a weekly gathering of indie comic creators, to discuss a new topic. We catch up with Jamie to find out more.

Comic Talk

Jamie’s decision to create this event came about after finding it difficult, as a writer and letterist, to fully join in established events such as #WebComicChat.​

“You look all over the net at comic sites and the coverage is mostly focused on DC, Marvel and ‘well­funded’ indie publishers. I wanted a weekly event for people, like myself, who are at the start of their comic journey.”

Jamie set about creating a format, inspired by #WebComicChat,​that would be open to all kinds of comic creators. This format saw him asking one question every ten minutes, and encouraging those taking part to discuss responses from other creators. It ended up such a success that it trended on Twitter.

Now the format has evolved to include a PRE­SHOW where people share their latest comics, blogs, podcasts and more. The crowds appear to be growing every week while drawing big industry names like Maarta Laiho of Adventure Time and Lumberjanes colouring prestige.

“It is my hope that we will see more and joining in. I want to see more names within the comic industry join in too. They can help grow the indie scene, and that means more sales for their original works at the end of the day.”

To join in the event all you have to do is follow ​@JamieMeWrites, ​answer his questions starting at 8pm GMT (10.00am PST) every Sunday, and include the hashtag #​ComicTalk.​The PRE­-SHOW starts one hour before, so be sure to check it out if you fancy a double dose of comic networking goodness.

“I want to reach out to the comic press. You guys can help the scene grow, because people look to you to represent comics. Every Sunday well over a 1000 tweets, a figure that is growing, are sent by highly talented creators. By contrast we draw about as much as #NCBD does, and that is a hashtag where people look to for new things to read. You can help us take this to the next level.”

For a full guide of how the event rules v​isit here.​ Everyone is welcome to join us this, and every other, Sunday at 10.00am PST. Let’s show everyone the voice of indie comics.