“This is really a homecoming for both myself and Deluge” writer JD Oliva on his re-issue via Comics Experience

Deluge coverWe’ve followed the whirlwind journey of JD Oliva’s post-Hurricane Katrina action adventure series Deluge since it’s early days. With a number of publishers and releases since then, it’s been an eventful journey that is set to make one more crack at the big time, thanks to a re-release via Comics Experience and ComiXology Submit. We caught up with JD to find out more…

Deluge coverDeluge is about to get re-released via Comics Experience? Can you tell us what is involved in that and what Comics Experience is about?

JDO: Comics Experience is devoted to teaching aspiring comic book creators skills that will hone their talent with online courses, seminars, mentoring and their ongoing Creators Workshop. Deluge  was conceived and developed in the original Comics Experience Advanced Writing Course in the Spring of 2010 (WOW! That was a long time ago) and was developed in the early days of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop. I met the book’s artist, Rich Clark in our first class and the original editor, Paul Allor in the workshop. I like to think of it as the first project that was really developed there, though it’s taken a long and winding journey to come back home.

Tell us a bit about what has been going on with the book since the last time we spoke to you? It’s been quite the rollercoaster journey?

JDO: We had an initial release on Comixology Submit in February of 2014 and Bleeding Cool named it their Submit pick of the week, which was pretty cool. We were featured in many of Submit’s Top Books sales and I received a couple of Indy Comics awards including the Kryptonite Award for Best Digital Series from the WeTalkComics podcast. Last spring at C2E2, I was talking to Andy Schmidt (founder of Comics Experience) and he told me about what was coming with the Comics Experience Digital Platform, so I submitted Deluge and here we go again, this time around with the great people from Comics Experience backing us. When we first launched our Kickstarter way back in 2011, we had a publisher, but they went out of business before we finished production, so it’s been a crazy ride with where this book has gone. This is really a homecoming for both myself and this project. I’ve been with Comics Experience since it’s first digital class back in 2009 and it just feels right for Deluge to find its back home.

For readers who are new to Deluge, can you tell us the basic premise? And where will it be available from?

JDO:  Deluge is the story of an Undercover FBI Agent on the run from a group of rouge New Orleans cops during Hurricane Katrina. It will be released through the Comics Experience Digital Platform exclusively on Comixology.

And finally, what’s next for you? Does this mean we will be seeing more Deluge?

JDO: As far as Deluge goes, it’s a three-issue miniseries and to try and do any more than that really wouldn’t work with where the characters are left at the end of issue three. It’s a complete story ends where it needs to end. I had a black & white one-shot called SHUNNED that debuted last summer on Comixology Submit.  I’ve got a couple new projects in the works. I’m hoping the renewed interest in Deluge will help generate some good will toward those projects. It’s been the little book that just won’t die. I’m very proud of it.

Purchase Deluge #1 from ComiXology for £2.49 and for more information on Comics Experience then visit their website.