Pipedream Pull List: Digital Comics Double Bill with Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite (Marvel) and Atomic Robo: Two Fisted Tales

You wait for months for an exciting new digital comic to come along and then two come along at once with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite and a new Atomic Robo!

Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite DraxFirst up is the new Marvel Infinite comic Guardians of the Galaxy. With the Guardians set to be a major part in the next Avengers movie, and with their own film coming out as well, the House of M are giving a real push to Starlord and co. with their own new series written by Brian Bendis and with art by Steve McNiven and along with it comes this fantastic new Marvel Infinite comic from the team behind the awesome creator-owned title Powers – Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming. As huge fans of Powers, and Infinite Comics, this is a dream partnership and Oeming’s dynamic art lends itself brilliantly to this kind of story-telling. As in previous Infinite titles the storyline itself is relatively simplistic, focusing around Drax the Destoyer and an encounter in a bar that doesn’t end well, but thanks to the unsung hero of digital comics Yves Bigerel (who lays out the pages and plans the transitions) the story leaps off the page. Although not quite as dynamic or innovative in layout as some of the earlier Infinite books (especially AvsX Nova), it’s still an exciting and action-packed read and makes great use of tall pages which scroll up and down as the action progresses (and wide pages which scroll side to side) and Oeming’s use of huge special effects and his brilliant use of shadow also gives it a really unique and stylish feel.

pd_review4Drax the Destroyer is a great look into how top level creative teams can make the most of this new technology ahead of Marvel’s new 52 week Infinite initiative that is set to be launched later this year. Although not great on plot, it makes up for it in action, excitement and innovation – plus it’s free of course!

Atomic Robo Two Fisted TalesSecond up is a new digital title from the brilliant team behind Atomic Robo this time in an adventure called Two Fisted Tales – Along Came A Tyrantula. Originally offered as a free give away for attendees of the recent Emerald City Comiccon, it’s now hit ComiXology at the bargain price of £1.49 and is Robo’s first trip into the world of full blown digital comics. As with the Infinite book, it also relies on an action-packed story as Robo takes on the mighty Tyrantula, who is a spurned ex with bionic spider-legs whose name he can’t remember.  With the usual crackling dialogue you expect from writer Brian Clevinger and the neat touches of artist Scott Wegener it manages to brilliantly capture the quirky humour of the original series while being packed full of high action and smart transitions. Although still a one-shot in terms of plotting, Atomic Robo: Two Fisted Tales manages to capture the look and feel of the original comic perfectly and the motion elements never get in the way of the reading experience.

pd_review5An absolute must for any fans of digital comics and we hope is that start or some exciting times from the Atomic Robo team! The combination of great humour, brilliant art and clever transitions makes for the almost perfect digital comics experience!