Graphic Novels

We review the best new indie and small press graphic novels

New Jerusalem Cover Benjamin Dickson

Review: A New Jerusalem (New Internationalist/Myriad Editions)

This years award for ‘graphic novel we really should have read sooner so that it was eligible for our best of 2018 list’ goes to Benjamin Dickson’s A New Jerusalem. A powerful and thought provoking story of a young boys relationship with his father in post-war Britain, that is very different to your average heroic […]

Reel Love Collected Edition

Review: Reel Love: The Complete Collection (Unbound)

The latest book to come out of the Unbound publishing platform (joining Ram V’s Grafity’s Wall and Rachael Smith’s Isobel and Blodwen) sees Beast Wagon’s Owen Michael Johnson bring us Reel Love: The Complete Collection, a 3 volume semi-autobiographical tale about growing up as a film fan, collected into a glorious hardcover boxset. But will it […]

Second Comnig of Krent Able Cover

Review: The Second Coming of Krent Able (Knockabout Comics)

After reading recent anthology I Feel Machine, which was co-compiled by Krent Able, you’d think we would know what to expect from this collection of work from the cult artist. But nothing could adequately prepare us for the dark and twisted, anarchically hilarious strips in this new collection from Knockabout Comics.

Terrible Means COVER

Review: Terrible Means (Avery Hill Publishing)

Terrible Means is the follow up to Ismyre, one of our favourite Avery Hill books of 2017 from B. Mure. While it is more of a prequel/parallel tale than a direct sequel it does a fantastic job of build more depth and layers into the curious and quirky mythology of this wonderfully weird watercolour world.


Review: The Lady Doctor (Myriad Editions)

The Lady Doctor is our first foray into the world of books from Myriad Editions and we are hoping it won’t be our last. Ian Williams’ latest is the follow up to his previous The Bad Doctor and continues to mix outlandishly funny tales about life in the NHS with an undercurrent of real emotional pathos, […]


Review: Plagued Volume 2: The Miranda Chronicles (BhP Comics)

Scottish indie publisher BHP Comics, have evolved from a ‘little-company-who-could’, into a real player in the UK comics scene. With a roster featuring big name titles like John Wagner’s Rok of The Reds or the Frank Quitely Sketchbook.  We take a look at one of it’s exciting new titles in Plagued volume 2: The Miranda […]

Bastard Galaxia vol 1

Review: Bastard Galaxia Volume 1: Power, Corruption & Lies (Gregson/Simmons)

An evil skull face villain attempting to take over the universe may sound like a familiar tale from Saturday morning cartoons of our youth, but Steve Gregson and Matt Simmons’ Bastard Galaxia takes some of the more ludicrous ideas from those cartoons and milks them for everything they’re worth in this hilarious webcomic, which is now […]

Tumult cover

“I liked the challenge of the meticulous puzzle box style writing” John Harris Dunning on the inspirations for Tumult from SelfMadeHero

As we found out in our recent review, Tumult is a super stylish, tense and taught psychological thriller that poses more questions than it answers. So we contacted it’s writer, John Harris Dunning to find out more about the significance of video directors going through mid-life crises, femme fatales with multiple personalities and what is it […]

Follow Me In - Katriona Chapman - Cover

Review: Follow Me In (Avery Hill Publishing)

Katriona Chapman’s Katzine has been a fixture of the UK small press scene for the last few years, but for her debut graphic novel Follow Me In, she has expanded her short but sweet travelogues into something much more epic. It’s like the difference between a short mini break and a full on gap year!

Retrograde Orbit

“I wanted to explore how you can be from two places and not quite belong in either” Kristyna Baczynski on what it is to be an alien in Retrograde Orbit from Avery Hill Publishing

Set on a mining colony in the depths of space Kristyna Baczynski’s Retrograde Orbit is a complex and poignant tale of a young alien girl trying to fit into a world that is different to her own. With it’s subtle look at immigration and identity, we caught up with it’s creator to find out more about […]