Franz Kafka’s The Castle now available as expanded graphic novel exclusive to SEQUENTIAL.

Ninety years ago today, celebrated writer Franz Kafka passed away from tuberculosis before finishing his final novel. Today SelfMadeHero marks his anniversary by releasing Franz Kafka’s The Castle, David Zane Mairowitz and Jaromír 99’s graphic novel  adaptation via SEQUENTIAL.

Kafka's The Castle

The protagonist, known only as K., arrives in a mountain village buried under deep snows in the middle of winter, dominated by a looming castle above it, shrouded in mist. Attempting to gain contact with the inhabitants of the castle, the officials who run the bureaucracy governing the village, K. repeatedly finds himself misunderstanding and transgressing the multitude of confusing and contradictory rules and regulations that dictate the daily life of the villagers. Kafka’s atmospheric and brooding tale of extreme bureaucracy explores themes of solitude, isolation, loss, and companionship.

The digital edition features exclusive research photos and an extensive portfolio of portraits by Jaromír 99, as well as audio commentary from David Zane Mairowitz. Wishing you all a kafkaesque day!

“Brilliantly conjures the atmosphere of Kafka’s last, unfinished novel.” – The Financial Times

Nominated for the 2014 Eisner Award for Best Adaptation.

Download it now from Sequential – the digital graphic novels app for iPad which is available here