“It’s the comic we’ve been dreaming of since we were kids!” Danny McLaughlin tells us about Uproar Comics’ Leap a new sci-fi graphic novel

Uproar Comics’ Leap is the new science fiction graphic novel from the Northern Irish comic company that brought you Zombies Hi’. Released on 31st January 2014, this is the company’s first step away from the Zombie genre.

Uproar Comics Leap
Leap is the new science fiction graphic novel from Northern Irish comic publishers Uproar Comics

The idea for ‘Leap’ came from the Uproar team’s love of Science Fiction. “We are huge Sci-fi Fans!” Uproar’s co-founder and Creative Director Danny McLaughlin told us “Leap is the comic Kevin and Myself have been dreaming of since we were kids!”

Keen to find out more about the story, Danny tells us “Leap is set aboard the Vanguard, a sleeper ship which keeps the human crew in stasis until they reach each destination. They awake, have many adventures and then return to stasis to awake years later, as if it was tomorrow!”

“With universal themes running throughout and innovation of our storytelling through new digital means we see LEAP as not a small step for comics but a Giant Leap in storytelling and being human, so human that we will always be looking to explore what possibilities there are out there!!”

Working with their strong, creative group of staff and the support of NI Screen, the comic started to take shape digitally as well as on paper. A new 3D Modelling innovation became the cornerstone of the entire project. Using their interactive app, The DEC, Uproar is exploring the possibilities of using the latest technologies to create truly interactive comic books.

Leap is a step forward for us in developing both new and exciting stories, but also in forming more modern production procedures that will ensure issues are released regularly.” Managing Director Kevin Logue tells us “It’s going to develop the company as a fully fledged publisher, stepping away (but not too far) from our Zombie/Horror genre. We’re going digital, on all fronts! It will be different and primarily it’s going to be fun.”

To have a look at what’s in store watch this fantastic preview trailer.

Uproar Comics are excited about the incoming year with many projects already in the pipeline. Along with future publications, the company will be branching out into providing Workshops for both schools and the community.

For more information about Uproar Comics and the availability of ‘Leap’, go to uproarcomics.co.uk or follow Uproar Comics on Twitter and Facebook.