Crowd-funding in full swing for kickstarter of hit digital comic Holidaze

4971be87b26e807d8e1ce575d9be0293_originalHit digital comic, Holidaze has launched a Kickstarter to help fund a 140 page collected edition of the first 5 issues (currently only available on ComiXology). So if you were a fan of this zany tale of mythical characters on their day off and the bar in which they spend it, then be sure to check out this great project and lend your support.

Holidaze-01-coverHere’s the summary:

At the end of the work day, we all want a place to relax, unwind and commiserate. For folks like Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Cupid and their friends, after long days of performing their duties as mythical icons, that place is Holidaze – the bar where they can leave the candy-coated masks of their professional lives behind and just be themselves.

Of course, to “be themselves” means being a clueless old man with a streak for giving things away, a flirty fairy whose only vice isn’t collecting teeth, a master of love who hires out his work to cherubs, a barely-functioning alcoholic bunny and a tiny little Irishman whose pot of gold does nothing but bring him a life of bad luck.

Throw in other bar regulars like barroom psychiatrist Dr. Headless Horseman, green power-couple Mother Nature and Arbor Day, creeper Dracula, epic greats Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, and many more, you’ve got a watering hole where both the nuances of everyday life and magical, non-sensical mischief collide on every stool.

So pour yourself a pint or a nice glass of pinot noir, make your way to the bar and kick back with a few laughs with familiar faces from your youth that may turn out to be not quite so familiar after all, once you get to know them.

No epic events and multiple-installment storylines, each issue of Holidaze is a self-contained, done-in-one tale of magic, mischief and mayhem.

And if that’s not enough to help make up your mind then why not take the word of all these fine folks – especially the third one down, he seems very knowledgable!

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You can find the Holidaze Kickstarter here and for more information watch the promo video below.