“ComiXology’s Submit offers independent creators the opportunity to operate on an equal footing with the largest publishers” why MonkeyBrain’s Allison Baker thinks ComiXology Submit is the future for independent digital comics publishers

ComiXology_Submit_TMCM_iPadThis week saw ComiXology launch the new ComiXology Submit service for indie comics creators with help from an awesome how to guide from indie stalwart Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler.  Submit offers independent creators the chance to upload their comic book and graphic novels for approval at no cost. ComiXology then transforms the work intro their Guided View reading format, market it via their apps on iPad, Amazon Kindle, Android and Windows 8  and creators and ComiXology equally split all profits, with creators maintaining full ownership of their work. As well as launching this great service they also unveiled works from Indie creators that are new to ComiXology thanks to Submit, such as Wheeler’s Too Much Coffee Man,  Jake Parker’s The Antler Boy and Other Stories, Becky Cloonan’s  Wolves & The Mire, Richard Stevens Diesel Sweeties would be available at www.comixology.com/submit

In order to gauge the reaction of this new launch from those in the comics industry we spoke to publisher of MonkeyBrain Comics, Allison Baker who told us “Anything that makes it easier for creators to get their work in front of readers, and for readers to get access to a wider variety of titles, is absolute a good thing. ComiXology‘s Submit offers independent creators the opportunity to operate on an equal footing with the largest publishers, at least in terms of digital distribution, reaching a worldwide audience of potential readers. All comics will not be to every reader’s taste, of course, but more comics on offer means a greater chance that readers will be able to find something that appeals to them personally. So that’s to be applauded.”

Meanwhile David Steinberger, ComiXology co-founder and CEO had the following to say about Submit “While we continue to push ourselves to innovate the digital comic experience, ComiXology Submit provides an incredible opportunity for creators to sell their work to a highly targeted and global audience of comic book and graphic novel fans. The next generation of creators will reap great benefit alongside more well known creators selling books that are no longer available in print.”

ComiXology Submit opens it up for independent comic books artists, creating the chance to digitally publish comics that one can sell everywhere,” said Shannon Wheeler, creator of the critically hailed “Too Much Coffee Man” series and a contributing cartoonist to The New Yorker.  “When I created ‘Too Much Coffee Man’ 20 years ago in Austin, I spent many late nights making the stupid comics. Then I spent long days bugging shop owners to sell my stuff. Then I spent minutes losing the invoices, ensuring I never got paid. With ComiXology Submit, I could have spent all that time creating my comics and I’d have gotten paid twice as often too.”

Whereas Powerplay creator Kurt Chrstenson was  more circumspect “It’s great to be a part of the official next step in digital distribution, one step closer to creating original content that will maximize the medium, and build upon what Power Play has created, something between comic books and the digital experience. ”

Creators interested in submitting works for approval can visit submit.comixology.com. Comic book fans interested in finding works by independent creators now available on ComiXology are invited to visit www.comixology.com/submit.