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How To Think When You Draw

“It was really the community around the series that made the campaign explode the way it did!” Lorenzo Etherington on the amazing success of How To Think When You Draw and winning our Community Champion award

To celebrate being awarded our first ever Community Champion award, we caught up with Lorenzo Etherington, one half of the all conquering Etherington Brothers, to discuss their hugely successful Kickstarter for How To Think When You Draw and their plans for 2019. Related posts: News: Pipedream Comics reveal Community Champion Award 2018 in association with […]

Death Sentence 2 Ben Oliver Cover

“There’s none of this tedious posturing and do-gooding you get in most superhero comics” Monty Nero on why Death Sentence: Liberty Girl is not your average capes comic

Monty Nero and Martin Simmonds’ sex, drugs and superpowers series Death Sentence: Liberty Girl is back with a new issue now funding on Kickstarter. We’ve already raved on here about the first issue, (as well as the debut series), but what better what to find out the secrets of the world of G-Plus than talk […]

Tumult cover

“I liked the challenge of the meticulous puzzle box style writing” John Harris Dunning on the inspirations for Tumult from SelfMadeHero

As we found out in our recent review, Tumult is a super stylish, tense and taught psychological thriller that poses more questions than it answers. So we contacted it’s writer, John Harris Dunning to find out more about the significance of video directors going through mid-life crises, femme fatales with multiple personalities and what is it […]

MTMH SPindly Man 3

“Kids love monsters… and are more drawn to the dark and strange than perhaps we adults are comfortable with!” Hellbound Media talk Mandy The Monster Hunter and The Legend of The Spindly Man.

Although they made their names with books like Shock Value and Slaughterhouse Farm, Hellbound Media’s real star is a monster hunter called Mandy who helps save kids from the beasts under their bed. With their latest and best series, The Legend of The Spindly Man coming to a close very soon, we caught up with […]


“We wanted it to feel like all the best kids stories, where they get to go on crazy adventures but are still back in time for tea!” Leah Moore, John Reppion and Sally Jane Thompson talk Conspiracy of Ravens from Dark Horse Comics

We don’t normally cover Dark Horse Comics here on the site, but we thought we would make an exception for Conspiracy Of Ravens, the first creator owned book from Leah Moore and John Reppion, with art from small press star Sally Jane Thompson. This all ages adventure features a young girl at boarding school discover […]

On A Sunbeam Cover

“Sci-fi is a genre that prides itself on some sort of realism and I just kind of threw that out of the window” Tillie Walden her new space-based webcomic On A Sunbeam

It’s been another amazing year for indie comics sensation Tillie Walden, complete with Eisner wins and appearances in the pages of The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic. But this Thought Bubble sees one of her most ambitious projects brought a new audience as Avery Hill Publishing are set to release her acclaimed webcomic On A Sunbeam in […]

Retrograde Orbit

“I wanted to explore how you can be from two places and not quite belong in either” Kristyna Baczynski on what it is to be an alien in Retrograde Orbit from Avery Hill Publishing

Set on a mining colony in the depths of space Kristyna Baczynski’s Retrograde Orbit is a complex and poignant tale of a young alien girl trying to fit into a world that is different to her own. With it’s subtle look at immigration and identity, we caught up with it’s creator to find out more about […]

Away cover

“Imagine having amazing skills and abilities, but forbidden to use them in case it caused armageddon!” Jon Laight on balancing home life and heroism in Away

Although it’s been available online since the spring, Jon Laight’s epic science fiction superhero adventure Away is making it’s comic convention debut at this weekend’s Thought Bubble 2018. So we thought it would be a perfect chance to catch up with it’s creator to find out more about the tricky act of balancing home life […]

Follow Me In - Katriona Chapman - Cover

“I always wanted it to be more than just documenting a trip.” Katriona Chapman on merging travelogues and personal stories for her debut graphic novel Follow Me In

For her full length graphic novel debut, Follow Me In, Katriona Chapman has expanded the small but poignant world of her Katzine travelogues and turned into something much more epic. Chronicling her travels in Mexico and the breakdown of a relationship along the way, it’s part travelogue, part therapy session and so we caught up […]


“I wanted it to have the look of a lost film from the early days of cinema” Martin Simpson on creating Art Deco noir in The Needleman

Having been blown away by the Art Deco noir of Martin Simpson’s The Needleman from Soaring Penguin Press, we knew we had to find out more! However when we caught up with Martin, we were a little bit more gentle with our interrogation than Rasp, the sinister investigator and titular Needleman who uses a long […]


“There’s an anti-hero at the core of it, throwing out knight’s moves as the plot tries-and-fails to keep up with him” Ryan O’Sullivan tells about how a plagiarist became the world’s greatest story-teller and potential saviour in Fearscape

After twisting our brains with psychedleic space adventure Void Trip, writer Ryan O’Sullivan is set to take us to yet another mind expanding world, this time the realm of fears known as the Fearscape. Frustrated writer Henry Henry is given the task of being earth’s saviour after being wrongly identified as our greatest story-teller, and […]

Bun 1 cover

“This wasn’t about making a book for kids at all, we wanted to make a book that everybody can enjoy” Mike Sambrook on the challenges of writing for all ages with Bun (Plus exclusive FREE Slaycation comic!)

Madius Comics’s Bun was one of our favourite surprise packages of 2017, so we were thrilled to discover that this tale of a giant rabbit moving to the big city would be getting a full release in time for this year’s Thought Bubble (plus the original 11 page sampler is now available for free on […]