Comics Interviews

Lazlo Cale CQ

“His world is a hodgepodge, but he looks cool in every neighbourhood” we talk to Andrew Maxwell about The Bawdy Tales of Lazlo Cale

Set in an alternate version of Paris where an inter-dimensional bomb and split the gaps between worlds, Lazlo Cale is a former male escort turned art dealer who has to take on his nemesis and former lover Edgar Allan Poe – if that description (and our glowing review) isn’t enough to pique your interest then […]

Comics Summit - Roundel

“Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re already creating comics and want to spend time with your peers, I hope there’ll be something for everyone.” Jon Lock on The Comics Summit in Cheltenham on July 14th and 15th

This July sees the first ever Comics Summit, a chance for indie and small press comic creators to share their knowledge and experience with each other, without the stresses of also having to man a comic convention table and make sales! The brainchild of Big Punch Studios’ Jon Lock, we caught him on a rare […]

“Most traditional genres have become too predictable, and the only way to keep them fresh is to whack them with a mallet” Russell Olson talks crime/noir sci-fi mash ups in Gateway City

With it’s mix of classic old school crime noir and golden age sci-fi silliness, Russell Olson’s Gateway City has been one of our favourite discoveries of the year. With the latest issue in the bag and a new collected edition on the way, we catch up with the man behind it all, to find out […]

Graley our super adventure oni

“It seems a whole bunch of people out there are silly in their relationships in the same way as me” Sarah Graley on the secrets of a good diary comic in Our Super Adventure, plus Kim Reaper, Rick and Morty and more!

With books like Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch and Kim Reaper, writer/artist Sarah Graley has become one of the rising stars of the UK scene and a regular at conventions all over the world. With recent announcements that Oni Press will be republishing Our Super Adventure, along with a new Kim Reaper comic called Vampire […]

The Great North Wood - Tim Bird - Cover

“I think a fox captures a sense of old wild nature, and also modern suburban life” Tim Bird on the hidden secrets in The Great North Wood from Avery Hill Publishing

Launching at the upcoming East London Comics Art Festival, Tim Bird’s latest offering from Avery Hill, The Great North Wood, has been met with a glowing review already. But we were keen to find out more about the secrets of this subtle and meandering read, so we thought we could get in touch with Tim in […]

Apollo Cover

“The story of Man’s first step on the moon is such an amazing, exciting, drama-filled tale that we were surprised nobody had done it as a comic yet” Chris Baker and Matt Fitch on Apollo from SelfMadeHero

For their follow up to the gonzo world of Last Driver and the future gazing of Adventures in Science, Chris Baker and Matt Fitch of Dead Canary Comics have another out of this world story to tell, but one with a much more down to earth core to it – the Apollo moon landing. Teaming […]

Isabella Blodwen_cover_v3

“It can feel frustrating to be outside your comfort zone, but it’s so rewarding when you level up!” we catch up with Rachael Smith about Isabella and Blodwen and taking a risk with new crowd funding platform Unbound

One of our highlights from the recent Leamington Comic Con, was news of a new book from Wired Up Wrong‘s Rachael Smith called Isabella and Blodwen. As long time fans of her work, stretching back to the early days of House Party, we were super excited and even more intrigued to learn that not only […]

TheEdgeOff cover

“No-one gives form to that un-nameable existential horror that lies inside all of us like he can” Fraser Campbell talks psycho noir horrror The Edge Off and working with artist Iain Laurie

Scottish small press superstars, Fraser Campbell and Iain Laurie are set to blow people’s mind with their new collaboration – The Edge Off, which is now funding on Kickstarter. It reads like the bastard lovechild of William Burroughs and Shaky Kane, brought up on a diet of Charles Bronson movies, and is a surreal, psychedelic […]

Lady Hollywood cover

“I always rooted for gutsy female leads” George Lennox and Russell Mark Olson talk Lady Hollywood, 80s LA noir and hard boiled detective fiction!

After discovering the vintage sci-fi brilliance of Gateway City at this year’s True Believers, we were even more ecstatic to discover artist Russell Mark Olson has also been turning his hand to the 80s LA noir of Cult Empire’s new series Lady Hollywood. As it entices new readers in via Kickstarter thanks to it’s neon colours […]