Avengers Millenium InfiniteOn the eve of the Avengers assault on the Age of Ultron in their second big screen outing this summer, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes get their own Infinite adventure to whet the appetite of all their fans in Avengers: Millenium Infinite #1. But will this be as epic as we all expect, or will will this tale be more finite than infinite?

Rad #1 coverRAD (aka the Recon Attack Dolphin), is the latest character to be released into the Madefire universe. This über intelligent albino dolphin is the perfect undersea weapon with bionic fins, stealth propulsion, visual sonar and a tragic backstory! But will RAD #1 make a splash or will it sink without a trace?

Lumberjanes #1Writers Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson along with artist Brooke A. Allen bring together everything that the comic market is lacking into one excellent comic in the simply wonderful Lumberjanes. Supernatural shenanigans are afoot at the Lumberjanes summer camp and a group of five friends are brave enough to take on the challenge to find out just what that might be.

Nobrow app iconNobrow aren’t a name you might instantly associate with digital comics as this small scale UK-based  publisher specialise in boutique high quality *print* graphic novels and art comics. However this new Nobrow iPad app takes that high quality publishing model and brings it to a new digital audience translating some of their amazing titles into sumptuous looking digital comics. But can Nobrow maintain their tradition of high quality art comics in this disposable digital world?

The Dying and the Dead #1Jonathan Hickman is one of comics’ hottest creators thanks to this work on Marvel’s Fantastic Four and Avengers, plus his creator-owned titles like Manhattan Projects and East is West. Now, with artist Ryan Bodenheim, Hickman brings us another mind-boggling news series, The Dying and the Dead #1, but will this be yet another fantastic story by comics foremost master-planner, or will it leave his fans disconnected?

They're Not Like Us #1Thanks to their emphasis on creator-owned titles Image Comics have truly become the publisher to watch, putting on the shelves comic books which are remarkably different and varied compared to the standard superhero series brought out by the big two. Their latest offering comes from Image Publisher Eric Stephenson who steps into the creative arena with They’re Not Like Us #1, a series which shows the actions of those different to society in general. Will this be yet another terrific feather in Image’s varied cap, or will it be just too different to accept?

Sons of Fate #1in Jean-Paul Deshong’s Sons of Fate (Origins) a samurai master is shipwrecked off the coast of Africa and after a run-in with the local tribesmen (and a jaguar) takes on the tutelage of a young village boy who he teaches the way of Bushido. Can this clash of cultures help turn the boy into a samurai master and can the master give the boy the education he could never offer his own son?

Novelty Song #1We’ve all dreamt of making it to the big time! But imagine if you were in a band and could magically make people forget popular songs and then claim them for yourself? In Bee Tee Dee’s Novelty Song #1, the quirky indie tale of a wannabe musician and a magic hole in a tree, that’s exactly what happens. But is this an all-time classic or just another one-hit wonder?