Whether you know him as Hulk Hogan’s nemesis at Wrestlemania III or Fessick in cult movie the Princess Bride, Andre Rousimoff was quite literally one of wrestling largest characters and in this new biography Andre the Giant Life and Legend cartoonist Box Brown takes an unconventional look at his story.

Like many of Marvel’s characters who have transitioned to the big screen, the Marvel Cosmic’s deadliest bad guy  Thanos has received his own title, which is now being released under their Infinite comics stable. But can Thanos: A God Up There Listening #1 dominate the Infinite universe or is that something not even the Infinity Gauntlet can help it achieve?

The return of Valiant Comics gets a digital makeover with the release of Unity #1 motion book courtesy of Madefire.  But does This Avengers-type team, made up of their own big characters in a team book (and named after their big event of the 90’s) continue the success Valiant continues to garner or is this one title that should be considered non-canon?

Sheriff Shane is the chief lawman of Carpenter Cove a sleepy American town that just happens to reside inside the brain of a serial killer in MonkeyBrain Comics‘ new series Headspace. As we find out more, and things begin to take a turn for the weird he is left to consider his very existence as well as that of his town, but will be be able to sail off into the sunset as a hero or will he be another victim of the diabolical Max?

DC Comics and Madefire have come together to create the Infinite Crisis Motion comic; a tie in to the new MMORPG, which itself is based on the second of three big DC events which saw their whole universe get retconned. However, does the Infinite Crisis motion comic bring a refreshing new take on this classic event or will it need to be retconned itself?

Motion book publisher Madefire have a history of producing dark, gothic horror stories with the original titles like Houses of the Holy or licensed editions like Dark Horse’s Hellboy. They’ve added to this ghoulish repertoire a new one-shot based on a Bram Stoker short story called Dracula’s Guest, but how does this fit into the portfolio of a company who also publish My Little Pony?