ComixologySubmitOur monthly round-up of the best of ComiXology Submit returns with suicidal super assassin Gregory Suicide, post-modern superheroes in Joe Cape, bull fighters and kaiju creatures in Monster Matador and Kirby-style sci-fi superheroes in Ungrounded

Pipedream Comic logoThis month’s round-up of the best digital indie comics features space-based sci-fi in Shaun Dobie’s Descending Outlands, Comicker Digital’s Lost Angels, a sublime slice of life in Jesse Young’s Perfect Day webcomic, amnesiac assassin adventure R:IL Persona and Aussie crime noir in Trista and Holt.


Instead of being just another Mulder and Scully wannabe, Strange Nation tells the story of a journalist from a small tabloid newspaper intent on bringing secrets and conspiracies out into the light. But will this digital-first from MonkeyBrain comics stop the presses or will it end up being something that shouldn’t be in circulation?

wart_book1Chris Welsh and Ammar Al Chalabi’s webcomic Wart – A Cosmic Horror Comic, is based on the works of HP Lovecraft – in other words it features dark and dank supernatural terrors and plenty of tentacled beasties – however unlike most books who cite the Master of Cthulu as an influence, Welsh and Chalabi have taken a cartoonish approach to the work dog Wart which actually gives the whole series a really refreshing edge. 


Our latest round-up of the Best of ComiXology Submit features classic superhero action with a dash of body swap in The Blue Baron from SIT Comics, murderous mechs in Grimfish, hyperactive space adventures with a boy and his teddy in Lloyd and The Bear  and the reissue of 80s indie classic Kyle Bakers’ Why I Hate Saturn.

Curse of the WendigoWith artwork from The Walking Dead’s Charlie Adlard, Delcourt’s The Curse of the Wendigo is the most high profile and mainstream-friendly of the recent ‘French Invasion’ titles that have been translated and released on the cloud giants storefront. But will this tale of a supernatural beast in the World War 1 battlefields be a match for Adlard’s undead odyssey?

Adventure in PulpThis pulp-inspired weekly webcomic is given the collected treatment via ComiXology as Adventures in Pulp presents: Volume 1 brings the adventures of Dick Ruby and Dr Destructo to life for a whole new audience in Hawk and a Handsaw and Dick Ruby and the Case of the Little Greenmen.

Descending OutlandsBest known for his colouring work on British Indie titles such as Red Mask from Mars and Gutter Town, Shaun Dobie brings his own ideas to the table with Descending Outlands #1, a sci-fi book about intergalactic thieves who stumble into a galaxy spanning manhunt. But will this book leave readers starstruck or will it be a criminal read?