Dash volume 1Crime comic fans are all too familiar with the private eye stereotype of the booze addled womaniser with the complex past. However in Dash #1, writer Dave Ebersole and artist Delia Gable have brilliantly subverted this well worn character cliche by adding an intriguing new dimension – making him openly gay in the 1940s!

The Black Hood #1Following in the footsteps of The Fox, Archie/Dark Circle Comics continue their resurrection of forgotten superheroes by unleashing The Black Hood back onto the streets. Guided by Duane Swierczynski and Michael Gaydos, can The Black Hood reclaim the comic shelves from the bad guys (or rather Marvel and DC) or will becoming a success be too much for one man in a mask?

Archie #1In one of the most anticipated reboots of recent years, Thrillbent’s Mark Waid and Saga’s Fiona Staples have come together to reimagine one one of comic’s most beloved characters in Archie #1. But can this dream team pull out all the stops to delight both old and new fans and make this 75 year old character relevant to a new audience?

The Fox #1 coverArchie Comics are throwing their hat back into the superhero ring with a relaunch of their Red Circle line  now known as Dark Circle Comics. Their first salvo is The Fox, a Batman-esque character from writer/artist Dean Haspiel and digital comics godfather Mark Waid. But will this be a gamble which pays off, or will this be a book in need of culling?

Black Canary #1

DC’s all-new Black Canary #1 flicks between mysterious back stories, shadowy ne’er do wells and constant reminders that our heroine D.D. is more comfortable in combat than she is as lead singer of Gotham 4-piece Black Canary. So can she pull out all the stops and put on an exciting enough show to keep a whole series running?

Afterlife with ArchieAfterlife with Archie volume 1 shouldn’t work. The notion of reimagining the wholesome world of the Riverdale gang as a blood soaked zombie horror book should be a one line joke on a sub-reddit about the ultimate ‘what if’ mash up. Yet thanks to the superb creative team of Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla it not only works, but it manages to make an Archie comic, one of the best books we’ve read all year