Aliens VampirellaIn some circles the use of a / denotes a romantic pairing rather than “versus” which makes first impressions of Aliens/Vampirella rather hilarious. Fortunately writer Corinna Sara Bechko (Heathentown) and artist Javier Garcia-Miranda have blended together claustrophobic Alien terror with classic Vampirella story-telling in Dynamite Entertainment and Dark Horse’s Aliens/Vampirella. Seeing is believing.

3 Minute Max Volume 1Father and son duo Bob and Max Forward look to follow in the footsteps of the Romitas or the Kuberts by keeping their comic creation 3 Minute Max in the family. However their action-packed series about a special forces operative who can stop his heart for 3 minutes and so is sent on dangerous undercover missions that can only last 180 seconds, is anything but family-friendly as we look at this violent action packed new series.

indie-round-upThis month’s digital indie comics round-up features psychic super spy Elena Anchova in Elena: Divinity Rising, a genre mash-up that you never knew you needed to see in Wes Locher’s Hipsters vs. Rednecks, a depressed Prince of Darkness with an image crisis in Our Friend Satan and teenage werewolf angst in Some Kind of Blue Moon.

Exit Generation #1Overpopulation has often been a subject of interest and debate within society, therefore it makes sense for the topic to influence for new ideas in fiction. Exit Generation by Sam Read and Caio Oliveira is a story is about what happens when all but a few humans leave the planet and how those remaining few survive when a new crisis arises. Is this a title which will appeal to the masses or will it end up as a comic left behind in popularity?

ComixologySubmitThis month’s guide to the Best of ComiXology Submit features surreal science-fiction in Gamma, creepy Catholic horror on a remote Irish island in Lord, high octane alien action in The Red Mask From Mars and the return of cyberpunk assassin beta in Template: Binary Code.

indie-round-upThis month’s round-up of the best digital indie comics features Ben Gilboa’s haunting horror Blue Moon, a slice of pure fantasy from husband and wife duo Graham and Caroline Johnson in Of Stars and Swords, Steven Hudkins’ pulp adventurer The Warden in Swamp Magic and Claudio Ghirado’s experimental webcomic ‘Untitled’.

Salvagers #1Space dramas seem to be having a bit of a revival at the moment, thanks to Guardians of the Galaxy and the return of Star Wars, and independent comics are getting in on the act with titles like Shaun Dobie’s Descending Outlands and now Robert Salley and George Acevedo’s Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo putting together nefarious bands of ragtag space brigands. But can this book clean up or will it be another title destined for the scrap heap?

The Kill ScreenFrom video games to social media and the Internet, technology is now a huge part of our lives. But what if all this technology were to actually destroy the world around us? This is a question Mike Garley and Josh Sherwell pose in their new horror series, The Kill Screen, but will this indie sensation ‘level up’ the zombie genre or will it be a system in need of crashing?

ComixologySubmitOur monthly round-up of the best of ComiXology Submit returns with suicidal super assassin Gregory Suicide, post-modern superheroes in Joe Cape, bull fighters and kaiju creatures in Monster Matador and Kirby-style sci-fi superheroes in Ungrounded

indie-round-upThis month’s round-up of the best digital indie comics features space-based sci-fi in Shaun Dobie’s Descending Outlands, Comicker Digital’s Lost Angels, a sublime slice of life in Jesse Young’s Perfect Day webcomic, amnesiac assassin adventure R:IL Persona and Aussie crime noir in Trista and Holt.