On the Madefire platform this week are new episodes of Madefire original Mono #5, IDW Publishing’s Transformers – Robots in Disguse #4 and DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis #8, Injustice – Gods Among Us Year 1 #34 and Injustice – Gods Among Us Year 2 #14.

Joining Clive Barker’s Next Testament and DC Comics’ Infinite Crisis on the Madefire roster this week is one of Star Trek’s most famous episodes, Harlan Ellison’s The City On The Edge of Tomorrow, converted into a motion book courtesy of IDW Publishing. We’ve got a fantastic preview of this unique Trek comic for you to enjoy. There’s also a first look at Transformers Robots in Disguise #4.

One of the most anticipated Infinite comics ever hits the Marvel app and ComiXology today with the arrival of not one but FOUR fantastic episodes of Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? now available. We take a fantastic first look. 

Aces Weekly, the 2013 Digital Comic of the Year returned this week for it’s 9th volume,  showcasing some of the brightest talents from across the globe in an exclusively digital weekly comic art anthology published by David ‘V For Vendetta’ Lloyd. We have a fantastic first look with comments from the publisher himself.

The Reservoir Preview coverIf you’re like us and can’t get enough the brilliant Moth City then you’re in for a treat next month as Tim Gibson’s The Reservoir is set to be released on February 5th via ComiXology. Part indie arthouse comic, part Cormac McCarthy style western, The Reservoir is a black and white  one-shot that gives us an look at the origins of Moth City’s dastardly Governor McCaw. Keen to find out more about the back story of the fiendish governor we contacted it’s Kiwi creator and take an exciting first look at this stunning new series.

When they’re not bringing us some of the most ground-breaking digital comics around like Batman: Arkham Origins, or converting some of the comics world’s biggest names like Batman, Superman and Hellboy into motion books, Liam Sharp and the Madefire team find time to create some of the most innovative digital comics around. Hot on the heels of these fantastic licensed titles Sharp return to his own creation, the Digital Comic of the Year 2012, and Madefire OriginalCaptain Stone Is Missing #7, for a fantastic new episode coming soon in 2014 and we were lucky enough to be given a first look with some comments from Liam himself!

Aces Weekly, the  digital comic art weekly from David ‘V for Vendetta’ Lloyd starts its latest seven-week run this week with volume 8. Described as “an SF and fantasy bumper edition, packed full of seasonal cheer” we’ve got a fantastic first look with comments from David Lloyd himself!

After the action-packed dystopian sci-fi of their debut offering, Template, QAM Comics are taking things a little more light heartedly with their new series Xeno Trip. This slacker out-of-time sci-fi comedy starts with Sir Cody of Bennett waking in the bed of a beautiful green skinned alien princess with no idea how he got there – we’ve all been there, haven’t we?! With the first issue available on ComiXology this week we talk to writer Quinton Miles to get the inside story.