Garcia-MethodWelcome to our newest column, The Garcia Method: Or How To Write A Digital Comic. You’ve all heard of the Marvel Method for writing print comics, but what about the brave new world of digital comics?  Let us introduce to Ryan Garcia, an aspiring digital comic book author who is on a journey to share his experience with the world. And he’s going to start by sharing it with our readers.

Comics app icon

“Where are all my comics and why can’t I buy new ones?!”This is going to be a common cry across the homes of many digital comics fans this weekend as ComiXology introduce their new Comics app for iPad and iPhone that turns their revolutionary cloud based market place into a bog standard comic book reader. As part of the new deal that sees ComiXology become part of the Amazon family, Comics users on the iPad and iPhone have been prompted to download a new version of their app for iPhone and iPad this weekend and unfortunately there is more to this than just a fancy new icon on your home screen.

In every artistic medium there are moments where things change so exponentially that the medium is never the same afterwards. It may not always be apparent at the time, but without it, the world would not be quite the same without it. In the world of digital comics that moment was the publishing of  Balak’s About Digital Comics published on DeviantArt on February 11th 2009, and so as we reach it’s five year anniversary we look back at this watershed moment courtesy of the team at TurboMedia.