Every year at the San Diego Comic Convention, the great and the good of the comic industry are acknowledged via the Eisner Awards. Ahead of this year’s event on July 25th today the shortlist of nominees have been announced. Alongside the big hitters from Marvel, DC and Image are one list which we here at Pipedream Comics are particularly interested in – Best Digital/Webcomic series. Now in it’s second year it was won by MonkeyBrain’s outstanding Bandette in 2013, and this year sees another nomination for the digital first publisher, in the shape of Christophe Sebela and Ibrahim Mustafa’s Everest set crime thriller High Crimes (which is also nominated for best new series). Also on the list are a pair of stunningly rendered hand drawn web comics in Melanie Gillman’s As The Crow Flies and Dax Tran-Caffee’s Falling Sky, Brian Fies ‘work in progress’ The Last Mechanical Monster and Matthew Inman’s The Oatmeal.

Best Digital/Webcomic

Click here to see a full list of all the titles and creators nominated for this year’s Eisner Awards

Great news for digital graphic novel fans as one of the US’s largest publishers, Top Shelf and SEQUENTIAL the digital graphic novel app, have formed a partnership to bring great titles like Jeff Lemire’s The Underwater Welder and John Lewis’ autobiographical March to the graphic novel storefront and reader app.

Last summer, hen we produced our list of the top 10 MonkeyBrain Comics titles to celebrate their 1st anniversary, one of the titles which just missed out on the list was the brilliant Knuckleheads from Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson IV. As a result it became unofficially dubbed the ’11th best MonkeyBrain Comics title’, but that might be about to change as Knuckleheads is set to come to the world of print this summer in a collected edition courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The release of DC Comics & Madefire’s Batman: Arkham Origins DC2 Multiverse graphic novel was one of the most ground-breaking developments of 2013. And they are about to push the boundaries even further by bringing the finale to the small screen for the first time with the Batman: Arkham Origins iPhone edition. 

Fans of comics legend and bearded recluse Alan Moore and artist extraorinaire Kevin O’Neill will be thrilled today with news that the latest League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen spin-off – Nemo: The Roses of Berlin – will be coming to the iPad courtesy of Top Shelf, Knockabout Comics and the Sequential iPad app.

Digital comics are much more than just superheroes in capes or cute talking animals, they can actually be educational too! Thanks to a new alliance between global digital comics giant ComiXology and Zenith Press, a leading publisher of military history and aviation books, US history to set to come to life for millions to digital comic lovers via a raft of new titles on the globe-spanning digital storefront. 

Thanks to Top Shelf Comics DRM-free versions being available via their online store, you can now read some of our favourite digital titles, including March, Heck, Crater XV and The Underwater Welder on the device of your choice. Plus print readers can get digital versions of their existing purchases at a great knock down price.

Great news for fans of quirky teddy bear based crime comics as Torsobear, our favourite title from the recent Outré Press digital anthology Hopelessness, is set to get it’s own series but it needs your help. Creator Brett Uren has put out an APB saying ‘writers and artists wanted‘ so get in touch you could be part of this exciting new series!

Love and Rockets is in the air this Valentines Day as SEQUENTIAL, the iPad graphic novel app has announced that it is releasing titles by legendary art comics and graphic novel publisher Fantagraphics Books, including Jaime Hernandez’s legendary Love and Rockets.