July 21, 2009 / Brad Guigar Portrait / Photo by Bob LaramieCartoonist Brad Guigar knows a thing or two about web comics having been producing them since 2003. Starting with Greystone InnPhables, and relationship advice strip Courting Disaster, he has been producing weekly comic strips for over a decade, but perhaps his best-known work is the brilliant web comic Evil Inc, which is set in the offices of a company run by villains – the aforementioned Evil Inc. Mixing brilliant jibes at superhero culture with the inanities of modern office life, it’s monthly anthologies are available on DriveThru Comics and will soo be available on ComiXology, so we got in touch with Brad asked him for some tips on the best way to run an evil conglomorate.

comicsy-facebookAlthough the world of digital comics may seem to dominated by major distributors like ComiXology and iVerse, an increasing number of independent companies are now setting up their own portals online for fans to buy more low-key digital titles directly from them. This kind of entrepreneurial spirit is what the world of digital comics so exciting and one website taking advantage of this new world order is Comicsy created by web developer Tim West. However unlike the other distributors, Comicsy has a unique selling point – one which is very close to our heart – all the titles on there are created by British and Irish creators. As a fellow Brit looking to make a name for himself in the world of digital comics we knew we had to get in touch and find out more, so welcome to the world of Comicsy

LoveBros_PinkHeart_NEWWith love in the air this Valentines Day, what better way to celebrate than with the aptly titled The Love Brothers from Aces Weekly, written and drawn by Marc Hempel. The Love Brothers is Marc’s first foray into the world of digital comics, having worked on books like Mars, Blood of the Innocent, Greogry and Tug and Buster in the past, but we think this brilliantly quirky new title could be a real stand out for Aces going forward. So here’s a quick introduction to the world of The Love Brothers and it’s creator…

markwaidHaving written some of the finest comic stories of all time (Kingdom Come, Flash, JLA, Daredevil, Superman), superstar comic writer Mark Waid turned his back on print in 2012 and declared his allegiance to the world of digital. Over the past 12 months he has established himself as the true godfather of digital comics, thanks to the launch of Marvel’s Infinite series, but also with his creator owned web portal Thrillbent and its lead title Insufferable. As one of the most high profile advocates of the brave new world of digital publishing we asked Mark the secrets to a great digital comic and where things are heading in 2013?

TheLegendOfSpacelordMoFo-Episode01One of the great things about our digital comic of the year poll was that it enabled comics creatives to get together and share their love for digital comics with each other and champion their favourites. As well as discovering the fantastic Aces Weekly, our attention was also drawn to the brilliantly titled SpaceLord Muthaf**ka (aka SpaceLord MoFo) from Aussie writer Pat McNamara and artist David G Williams, aka the Ironclad Imagineers. Inspired by the likes of Mark Waid’s Thrillbent website this digital only title was initially released in bite-size chunks via their own site, but as of this month is also available via DriveThru Comics as an interactive PDF – or rather digital cinegraphic novel.  Best viewed using a PDF reader that allows you to cycle through the pages, it brilliantly mixes the interactive elements of books like Powerplay and Insufferable, with the motion elements of Madefire and adds in a politically incorrect Aussie attitude for good measure. So what kind warped minds could come up with such an outlandish concept, we contacted Dave and Pat to find out.

goldman_grand_centralDan Goldman’s psychedelic haunted property saga, Red Light Properties, was launched by the brilliant guys at MonkeyBrain back in December. Having existed previously as a web comic on Dan’s website redlightproperties.com, he was no stranger to the world of digital comics and so RLP arrived as the newest member of the MonkeyBrain family with a four issue fanfare, that introduced us the spooky and tripped out world of supernatural estate agent Jude Tobin and his dysfunctional family. Mixing brilliant multimedia art with tripped out story lines, RLP is a truly unique title and one of the jewels in the MonkeyBrain stable, so we contacted Dan to find out just where the inspiration for Red Light Properties came from and how it came to be launched on to our iPad’s in such a complete form.

Lookouts_1_cvr_DA_rpmThe Lookouts is the brilliant new series from the guys at Penny Arcade, and Cryptozoic Entertainment. It’s been getting loads of attention as a result, and made several ‘Best Of 2012’ lists, however the real stars of the book aren’t the guys at Penny Arcade, they’re writer Ben McCool and artist Robb Mommaerts. Ben is the writer crafting this fantastic rich world of a group of junior lookouts protecting their village from the creatures of the forest and Robb is the brilliant mind who is bringing them to life in stunning detail every issue. We wanted to find out what the secret of The Lookouts was and so got in touch with Ben and Robb to find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes of the Eyrewood forest.

Aces WeeklyBritish comic legend David Lloyd is perhaps best known for his work on the seminal V For Vendetta with Alan Moore. However in recent years he has embraced the world of digital comics, first with his interactive graphic novel Kickback (which earned 3rd place in our Top 10 Digitial Comics of 2012), but most interestingly with the weekly web comic anthology Aces Weekly. Featuring work from some of world’s finests writers and artists (including David himself), Aces is an online subscription comic which has engendered a passionate following (and would have secured 4th place in our poll had their extra votes been included). So we got in touch with David and asked him all about Aces.

Dredd-head-PJ-HoldenIf anyone was going to embrace the world of digital comics then you’d think the ‘art droids’ of legendary British comic 2000AD would be there at the forefront. To find out just how much they are loving this new high-tech world of comics, we cornered long time art-bot PJ Holden, who has been slaving away at Tharg’s drawing desks for more than a decade, and we got him to spill his circuits on whether he has banished his pen and ink brushs to the trash heap and  just how the world of digital is affecting the the Mega City One lawman.

Adventure Time and Dinosaur Comics writer, Ryan NorthWe’ve been fans of the brilliantly bonkers Adventure Time from Boom! Studios since issue 1. With it’s hyperactive, tripped out stories and it’s technical colour acid-trip visuals it’s a real sensory overload of a comic – but all in the right ways! We wanted to find out more about the people who come up with these crazy adventures of Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum, so we contacted writer Ryan North to ask him where he gets his inspiration from, why he thinks Adventure Time has been such a hit and also to talk about his equally nutso web series Dinosaur Comics .