The Remains thumbnailCullen Bunn’s American gothic supernatural horror story The Remains has been giving us nightmares since the first issue was published with it’s haunting tale of a mysterious stranger who visits a family in a rural American farm and has a creepy effect on it’s local rat population. Keen to find out where this terrifying idea came from we contacted the man behind it, writer Cullen Bunn to find out how he created such a nightmarish concept for his first book with MonkeyBrain Comics.

Only Living BoyWriter David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis are no strangers to the world of digital comics, after all they were the team behind pioneering digital series like High Moon and Box 13. Their latest title, The Only Living Boy was released in August via ComiXology, but after disappearing from our screens after issue 2, this week sees it relaunched in a new web comic format. With the entire run set to hit our screens in the coming months, along with a host of exclusive extras we were keen to find out more about this new digital venture so contacted David to get the inside story.

Deadpool The Gauntlet 2 coverWhen it comes to the world of Infinite comics there are certain characters who fit the slightly quirky world of Guided View better than other. Just as there are certain artists who seem to embrace and thrive in this new digital environment. Perhaps the perfect combination of character and artist that we have seen this year has been Wade ‘Deadpool’ Wilson and Power Play artist Reilly Brown in Marvel’s Deadpool: The Gauntlet. To find out more about this perfect match we contacted Reilly to find out more about his time with The Merc With The Mouth.

Headspace 01 coverEver wanted to look inside the mind of a serial killer? Wait… come back… it’s not another gore filled murder book! In the case of Headspace from MonkeyBrain Comics, the world inside the head of a serial killer is a surreal piece of small town Americana, that’s more Truman Show than Dexter. With all the tropes you would expect (right down to the word weary sheriff and bartender), but with a generous dose of surreality inspired by TV shows like the Prisoner, it’s another genre-defying read from the crew at MonkeyBrain. Keen to find out more about this strange new world, we contacted creator and writer Ryan K Lindsay to find out just where his head was at when writing Headspace.

Go Getters 01 coverAn 8ft albino gorilla driving a dune buggy takes on Colombian drug barons and slimy Arab princes in a new digital comic series that could only come out of the Monkeybrain Comics stable. Like a 21st century mash up of Tank Girl and Every Which Way But Loose, GoGetters is the brainchild of writer Shawn Aldridge and Chris Paterson and is another quirky gem from the digital first publishers who brought us Bandette, Masks and Mobsters and Knuckleheads. Keen to find out the secret to making an albino ape a leading man we got in touch with Shawn to get the lowdown and find out out who would win in a fight between a gorilla and a t-rex!

Deluge coverBack in May 2012 we caught up with film-maker and comic writer J.D. Oliva to discuss his new Deluge comic, a New Orleans set, post-Katrina crime series that was about to be released by digital only publisher Moonshot Digital. Nearly two years later, and Deluge has finally seen the light of day, appearing on ComiXology via Submit. Keen to find out what J.D. had been up to and the journey he had taken to finally get Deluge published on the world’s biggest digital storefront, we got in touch.

Furious 1 cover (Dark Horse Comics)Last time we caught up with writer Bryan J.L Glass he was about to unleash a dark and mystical new chapter of his hit series Mice Templar on the world. Well this time he is set to get FURIOUS in his new creator-owned super heroine series for Dark Horse Comics which is out this week. Created with Mice Templar artist Victor Santos we were keen to find out what separates FURIOUS from the other post-modern superhero books on the block so we caught up with BJLG to find out what it is about FURIOUS that makes him FURIOUS

Down Set Fight 1 coverOni Press’ Down Set Fight is the comic equivalent of a punch to the face, with it’s a stunning mix of sports hero action, super villain style mascots and retro 70s visuals. From the writing team of Chad Bowers and Chris Sims, who we last saw working their magic on MonkeyBrain’s Sub Atomic Party Girls, and artist Scott Kowalchuk, it’s the story of a washed up football star who gets pursued by evil mascots looking to get their revenge. It’s like Scott Pilgrim versus John Madden.  Keen to find out more, we contacted writers Chris and Chad to find out if their own experiences of high school football training regimes had helped inspired them.

BlastosaurusOnly in the world of digital comics can a mutant time travelling dinosaur comic seem like the most normal thing in the world – but not if Blastosaurus writer Richard Frairgray has his way. He’s tired of cartoon characters getting away with unbelievable levels of normality and is set to break the conventions with his new series, out now on ComiXology. To find out why he gets annoyed when ninja turtles can disguise themselves by just wearing a hat, we got a touch and found out how this New Zealand native and his writing partner Terry Jones are set to make their mutant time-travelling dinosaur really stand out from the crowd!

Daredevil Infinite2014 is set to be a fantastic year for digital comics, with more great titles from the comics world’s top publishers. But the title we’re currently looking forward to the most in 2014 is Mark Waid and Peter Krause’s trip to the west coast with the Man Without Fear in Daredevil Road Warrior a new weekly Infinite title from Marvel Comics coming this February. The team behind Thrillbent’s Insufferable are no strangers to the world of digital comics, and are now being give the highest profile Infinite Comic to date. A new series that is not only set to push the boundaries of the digital comics medium, but also slots neatly into the existing Daredevil continuity – a first for the Infinite titles. Keen to find out more we caught up with Mark and Peter to find out the inside scoop on this super-sensory series and were given an exclusive first look at some of Peter’s uncolored artwork! 

Template 4 coverWith this week’s release of Template issue #4 on ComiXology, QAM Comics are half way through the first season of their Guided View Native cyberpunk action series. They’re also hot on the heels of an ‘honorable mention’ in our digital comics of 2013 and so we caught up with Template’s Quinton Miles to find out what is next in the world of Alpha, Beta and the mysterious Oversight private security firm.

Outre_2_review1Back in May we spoke to Norwegian publisher Glenn Møane about his exciting new digital anthology Outré which was released on Free Comic Book Day and featured a fantastic collection of stories based around the theme of ‘Responsibility’. Well this Friday Glenn and his team are releasing an all instalment - Outré Volume 2 - just in time for the holidays. This time it’s based around the theme of ‘hopelessness’ so we got in contact with Glenn to find out about the success of the first volume and why they chose such a bleak title for this festive offering!

ActiveIconWe’re always excited by new methods of digital story-telling here at Pipedream Comics, and so our curiosity was piqued last week when we heard about the brilliant Re:Active app from Psychic Bunny. Offering a really original approach to digital story-telling by using some of the iPad’s internal features (like the accelerometer) to develop stories you read by interacting with them. To find out more about how this exciting project came about we contacted writer and artist Asa Shumskas Tait to get the lowdown.

Madefire Hellboy in hellHellboy and Madefire are taking over here at Pipedream Comics today! As well as our fantastic first look at this great new team up, and our in-depth review of the first issue, we’ve caught up with Madefire CEO and co-founder Ben Wolstenholme to find out more about how the exciting team up between the motion book publisher and Dark Horse Comics came about, and what it means for the future of Madefire!

Wolverine_Japan's_Most_WantedMarvel’s Infinite trip to the Orient in Wolverine: Japan’s Most Wanted may have drawn to an epic conclusion , but if you missed out issue #1 is free to download throughout the month of December. To celebrate this fantastic opportunity for fans to get into one of the best Infinite comics of the year we got in touch with writer Jason Latour to find out more about the challenges of creating Marvel’s ultimate Infinite title.