While everyone loves to see their favorite comic book characters up on the silver screen, some of these movies either didn’t do our heroes the justice they deserved the last time around, or the aging technology used to make them leaves us with something more to be desired today. Lucky for us, there’s always a new company looking to make some money off the reboots of our beloved stories. Even if they didn’t start out as comic characters, their adventures in graphic novels over the years have us excited to check out their remakes expected to hit theatres soon.

Every year at the San Diego Comic Convention, the great and the good of the comic industry are acknowledged via the Eisner Awards. Ahead of this year’s event on July 25th today the shortlist of nominees have been announced. Alongside the big hitters from Marvel, DC and Image are one list which we here at Pipedream Comics are particularly interested in – Best Digital/Webcomic series. Now in it’s second year it was won by MonkeyBrain’s outstanding Bandette in 2013, and this year sees another nomination for the digital first publisher, in the shape of Christophe Sebela and Ibrahim Mustafa’s Everest set crime thriller High Crimes (which is also nominated for best new series). Also on the list are a pair of stunningly rendered hand drawn web comics in Melanie Gillman’s As The Crow Flies and Dax Tran-Caffee’s Falling Sky, Brian Fies ‘work in progress’ The Last Mechanical Monster and Matthew Inman’s The Oatmeal.

Best Digital/Webcomic

Click here to see a full list of all the titles and creators nominated for this year’s Eisner Awards

This weekend’s must-read digital comics include: Marvel’s latest cinematic movie prequel in Amazing Spider-man Infinite; Archer Coe and the Thousand Natural Shocks, a hypnotic new indie series from Oni Press; and Needles and Dust an Israeli digital graphic novel app from Tsach Weinberg.

Great news for digital graphic novel fans as one of the US’s largest publishers, Top Shelf and SEQUENTIAL the digital graphic novel app, have formed a partnership to bring great titles like Jeff Lemire’s The Underwater Welder and John Lewis’ autobiographical March to the graphic novel storefront and reader app.

Things take a turn for the horrific in this week’s MonkeyBrain Comics line-up with new issue of Cullen Bunn’s The Remains #2 (the scariest MonkeyBrain comic yet) alongside serial killer psychoanalysis story Headspace and Anti-Hero #8. All three are available from ComiXology on Wednesday and we’ve got a first look.

The Remains thumbnailCullen Bunn’s American gothic supernatural horror story The Remains has been giving us nightmares since the first issue was published with it’s haunting tale of a mysterious stranger who visits a family in a rural American farm and has a creepy effect on it’s local rat population. Keen to find out where this terrifying idea came from we contacted the man behind it, writer Cullen Bunn to find out how he created such a nightmarish concept for his first book with MonkeyBrain Comics.

This week’s must-read digital comics include a prequel to a Marvel blockbuster in Guardians of the Galaxy Infinite, a new instalment of BKV’s outstanding The Private Eye as well as a great new indie series, The Tellurian, which takes dedication in creating a comic to new levels. There’s also a great indie showcase from aspiring writer Jesse Young.

Last summer, hen we produced our list of the top 10 MonkeyBrain Comics titles to celebrate their 1st anniversary, one of the titles which just missed out on the list was the brilliant Knuckleheads from Brian Winkeler and Robert Wilson IV. As a result it became unofficially dubbed the ’11th best MonkeyBrain Comics title’, but that might be about to change as Knuckleheads is set to come to the world of print this summer in a collected edition courtesy of IDW Publishing.

The release of DC Comics & Madefire’s Batman: Arkham Origins DC2 Multiverse graphic novel was one of the most ground-breaking developments of 2013. And they are about to push the boundaries even further by bringing the finale to the small screen for the first time with the Batman: Arkham Origins iPhone edition. 

There’s no April Fools here as MonkeyBrain Comics bring us a first look at all new issues of Amelia Cole and The Army of Dr Moreau as well as the latest instalment of Edison Rex plus the first volume of his collected adventures! All available on ComiXology this Wednesday.

The latest hit mobile game to be turned into a digital comic is the fiendishly addictive Doodle Jump, which set to hit our screen in June courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment this June. With a story from Adventure Time writer Meredith Gran it looks set to capture that anarchic sense of fun and join the likes of Angry Birds, Cut The Rope and Pocket Gods as another digital comic crossover success.