2000 AD’s Pat Mills to release new titles on ComiXology including PyschoKiller

Pat Mills, creator of 2000AD and writer of successful comic series such as Charley’s WarSlaineAccident ManNemesis, Marshal Law and Requiem Vampire Knight, today launched his digital label, Millsverse, on the Comixology Submit digital platform.

Psychokiller #1 cover

Pat Mills and Tony Skinner’s PsychoKiller is the first title from Mills’ new Millsverse digital label on ComiXology

In his press release announcing this exciting new digital venture he told us…

“I’m starting with PSYCHOKILLER, a black comedy horror story originally published in Toxic! in 1991, co-written with Tony Skinner, with superb fully painted artwork by Dave Kendall.  It’s a lot of fun: gory, violent and weird– featuring the mysterious Doctor Morbus who provides bizarre medical treatments for his demonically possessed patients.  More on PSYCHOKILLER can be found on my blog.

So why has he chosen to digitally launch a story thats is almost 25 years old? “We should have collected this story years ago,” Mills told us, “but, because it is relatively short at 56 pages, somehow we never got around to it. Now, with the advent of digital comics [and ComiXology Submit], it seems the perfect story to kick off the Millsverse,

So what is the Millverse and what can we look forward to from future releases?

“[The Millsverse] will include my creator-owned comic strips and graphic novels, some of which are out of print or haven’t been available in English before. The goal ultimately is to originate material and debut it on Comixology. 

But for now, I hope fans and new readers will enjoy the very British schlock that is PSYCHOKILLER.”

You can purchase PSYCHOKILLER here for £2.49 from Comixology

To get an idea of what’s in store (as if the title isn’t descriptive enough we have some fantastic preview art below…

(WARNING it’s not safe for the weak of stomach!)

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